Aims of World Carrousel
From the 4th till the 12th May, 2009, an international meeting was held at Sering with our 3 existing partners in Africa, North and South America, and also a representative for our new partner, Red Zone Company from Iraq, for the Asian continent (whose members didn't obtain visa). The plans for the coming four years were elaborated and a protocol signed about the Worldwide Virtual School.

Jorge Merced, assisted by Mia Grijp and arturo Mejia, explains how the Carousel works

   Jorge Merced, assisted by Mia Grijp and Arturo Mejia,
   explains how the Carousel works
Theatre artists from 4 continents
Actors, actresses, musicians, dancers and directors work at the development of the Worldwide Virtual School. This school will link underprivileged population groups with each other through theatre projects and by making them work together through the Internet. It is a vast project that uses the force of the Internet in a profound and durable way. Subjects that live over the entire world will be exchanged through the Internet between the groups in the countries involved.

The gap between North and South
Children's rights, child labour, fair trade, family relations, etnical background etc. will be deepened in creative classes and workshops (music, dance, painting, acting, etc.) in schools and in youth organisations, under the supervision of professional actors.

The Virtual School
Photos, videos, teaching files, workshop outlines etc. that emanate from these exchanges, will be put on the internet and grow in number and variation, to become a virtual school, that can be used by a growing number of participants.
A permanent exchange
Experiences, texts, working processes in an atmosphere of worldwide solidarity will make the different participants treat each other with respect, will help them develop their talents, and make them engage their newly found or activated creativity with the guarantee of an international response.