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Vreemde Grootmoeders II

Strange Grannies

Karim, a ten year old boy from a mixed marriage, goes for the first time to Morocco, the homeland of his father. He meets his Moroccan granny there, who is completely different from his Flemish granny. The habits and traditions are also different from those in Flanders. But Karim lives the similitudes more than the differences.

“Sometimes people ask me whether it isn't annoying to have a mother and a father from two different cultures.
"I don't think so, I then say. On the contrary: I have a country more than my friends.”

Who doesn't remember from the time of childhood, how pure and open only a child can be? This play makes us look again through the eyes of a child at this new, diverse world. A bridge of memories is thrown between Flanders and Morocco. As a child, Karim certainly sees what makes one grandma different from the other, but he lives much more the similarities. Why do the reminiscences of a child have another colour than those of an adult? For children the difference of skin colour or of traditions is unimportant. Kids give each other a hand, and see that the inside of the hand of each kid is white. Because they don't stumble over differences, they also look without prejudice upon our world, not like us, the adults.
“If I later become Minister of Belgians and migrants, I will order to make pink cards only.
“A pink card for a white Belgian. A pink card for a yellow Chinese. A pink card for a brown Moroccan.”

Souliman De Croock

Souliman was born in 1985 in Antwerp. Just as Karim from Vreemde Grootmoeders, he is a 'half and half' one, with a Moroccon father and a Flemish mother. His boy's dream was to become a policeman, but that changed when a teacher brought him in contact with theatre. When he got fed up with school, he found his way to theatre and film. He learned to use the camera and edit film at Off-TV and started to act on stage in 2003. When he was looking for actors for his own short movie, a friend told him about Sering. He took part in several projects at Sering and jumped on the opportunity to follow the intensive theatre training MIRA in the 2006-2007 season, that was organised at Sering with the support of the Flemish Radio and Television (VRT) and the European Social Fund.

Souliman as actor

Under the direction of Reinhilde Decleir, he took part in Men zegge het voort (2003-2004) and in Shakespeare (2005-2006), both played in the Bourla Theatre/Toneelhuis. At Sering, he played in 2004 in Nevelwezens (invited in 2005 at the Cactus Festival of youth theatre in Münster, Germany) and in 2005 in Het verhaal van twee werelden (in 2006 invited at the 2nd Madness & Arts Festival, also in Münster), both directed by Mia Grijp. In 2006 he acted in Sering's youth production Felicità (directed by Peter Boelens) and in 2007 in Fanfaresoep! (directed by Lisette Mertens). He played in Robin David's 2008 production Moeder is een noodzakelijk kwaad! with Ann De Winne (played at the Klokhuis theatre). Starting from October 2008, he takes over Mostafa Benkerroum's tour through Flanders and the Netherlands of the theatre monologue Vreemde Grootmoeders.

For television he plays occasionally in Spoed (since 2006) and has a part in an episode of Witse (early 2009), besides figuration in other series at VRT and VTM, and also in the movie De zaak Alzheimer.

At Sering, Souliman is busy with another small production, besides Vreemde Grootmoeders, within the project to help young 'new Belgians' to develop a professional career in the theatre world. With Rania Gaaloul and Raouf Hadj Mohamed he works under the direction of Lisette Mertens at 3 is genoeg (3 is Enough), a production for the 3rd degree of primary school.

Souliman and Vreemde Grootmoeders
When Mostafa Benkerroum stopped with this monologue after 200 representations, Sering asked Souliman to take over Mostafa's part. Souliman liked this proposal, because it's a monologue and in that sense a new challenge for him. Acting in a play for primary school children is another challenge.

Different characters appear in the play, and that gives an extra dimansion to it, and makes it more fun to play. The story is also recognisable for Souliman, whose father comes from Morocco. Now that his nearest family live in Belgium, Souliman doesn't go there so often, but the affinity with the themes that are covered remains. He wants to put into his play his engagement with what it tells.
Souliman plays in a different way from Mostafa's, he gives another interpretation to certain scenes, he has another style of playing, and with Lisette Mertens and Mia Grijp he has looked for a more dynamic way of playing, a bit further away from the tale Vreemde Grootmoeders was at the beginning. But also the interaction with the public is very important to him.

• The first representations of Souliman's Vreemde Grootmoeders take/took place on October 17th, 2008, in Bussum, November 30th in Rotterdam (Zuidplein) and December 12th in Rotterdam (Kralingen).
• Several representations in Belgium (Warefem, Oud-Turnhout, Deurne,...) in 2009
• Representations at Sering on November 6, 7 and 8, 2009

Theatres, cultural centres and schools that want to organise a representation of Vreemde Grootmoeders are welcome to contact us at Sering

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