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Kulibali (6-02-2009)

Cathy is the child of a one elder family. She has never known her father.
Cathy is a passionate saver. She puts every cent she earns in her piggy bank, to keep it for a good deed. She also collects letters from all possible charities. She wants to know which charity would be the best beneficiary of her piggy bank.
Bert lives in the same place as Cathy.
Bert comes from Mali. His mother died when he was born. And his father brought him to the nearest mission post, through the desert. Cathy's mother adopted Bert. And so Bert became the little brother of Cathy.
Cathy thinks Bert sees life too often through pink glasses. And Bert thinks that Cathy worries too much about things she can't change anyway. Nevertheless: Bert and Cathy can't live without each other.
But then a letter arrives from Africa. from Bert's father.
'Would Bert like to visit his family in Africa?' But if Bert goes to Africa, what will happen with Cathy? And by the way, if the mother of Cathy is also the mother of Bert, why can't Bert's father also be the father of Cathy?

Kulibali talks about the love between brother and sister, against a background of broader themes: the rich West against the poor South, the value of family, I versus the others, the benefactor in each of us.

Rebecca Huys and Kalifa Bals,
(from September 2009 onwards, Rebecca Huys replaces Gina Brondeel)
written and directed by Rebecca Huys and Mia Grijp.

The actors play situations inspired on real events.
For everybody over 8 years old.

School performances at Sering or at school can be booked at: or 03-272.03.30.

• representations at Sering on February 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 and 15, 2009
• representations for schools at Sering on February 9, 10 and 12, 2009
• representations at GC De Zeyp, Ganshoren, on October 8th, 2009
• representations at Sering on October 9th and
11th, 2009
• representations for schools on October 29th, November 10th, 13th and 27th, 2009

This production is part of Sering's efforts to assist young culturally diverse actors in developing a professional career in the theatre.

With the support of Equal Opportunities in Flanders.

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