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Het verhaal van twee werelden (2-12-2005)


The Story of Two Worlds

Chaotic images, extreme masks, the 'crash' of an individual, all is registered and edited for the show. Suffering becomes a commodity. The camera is always present. Except there were people dig deeper... where they want to remember in an epoch of imposed amnesia... Twenty-five actors from Antwerp sing and play what the search for past and future of the human species has put into motion for them.

As usual,  'Het verhaal van twee werelden' grew organically out of talks between the players. The starting point was the origin, the present, and the future of the human species. The crucial question was whether “civilisation is the ultimate way of life”?

Quite soon it became clear that the real problems were not the multicultural society or diversity, but rather the imposed uniformity that produces a feeling of collective alienation. The individual feels as if he's being left out of society in its actual form. The notion also that we, even if we have other customs, religions and festivities, really are all part of this same culture: “were food is kept behind lock and key”. From that moment, the focus moved from 'migration' to 'evolution of the human species'.

New questions arose: where and when did it all start? How did our far forefathers relate to the Earth? How did they relate to each other? How was life in a tribe? Was it really so bloody and raw as we are made to believe? Or did these stories appear together with the agrarian revolution? Is the civilisation model that grew out of this the best that can happen to us? Is society indeed the tough school where we confront the choice: be part of it and eat, or step out of it and starve? Can our seemingly indestructible model of civilisation survive, confronted with reality, with people from flesh and blood? Can we change, step out of the treadmill and give ourselves new objectives of human dimensions this time?
On the basis of anecdotes, sometimes hilarious, sometimes absurd, sometimes melancholy, sometimes sarcastic, a civilisation is depicted with many aspects, many solutions, but just as many questions. That's what has become 'The Story of Two Worlds'. A scrap-book of experiences, a songbook with tatters of songs about life, an image of the very beginning, of the present and of a possible future of this world, as if we all had a remote control in our hands to zap around, looking for answers!

And the feeling that, one way or another, we don't really belong to the present world. An all-prevailing feeling that we cannot live and evolve inside a cage, even if it would be a golden one.
25 people from Antwerp sing and play together what the search for the past and future of the human species has put into motion for them.

“References to circus, commedia dell'arte, talk shows and reality tv pass on the stage and are artistically translated with voice, music and rhythm. The players stand upright, confident and conscious of their abilities.” (De Morgen)

“Very up-to-date, food for thought, the indispensable humour. A great achievement.”
“String! Moving! Splendid! A lesson for life, painfully accurate but beneficial.”
“A beautiful message, much humour, very beautifully sang. Please continue in this way.”
“Splendidly engaged representation, with nothing but beautiful people. Quieting – a smile – desperation – hope.”
“Very tough, very confronting and honest. Thanks for the lesson.”
“Whirlingly inspiring! Very good acting!”
“Quite an experience. Beautifully set.
“Very well done. I wasn't bored one second, ON THE CONTRARY! We want more.”
Very beautiful, very real! Food for thought.”
“Give us more of this kind of entertainment.”
“Simply: good, good, good...”

With: Naomi Baafi, Paula Bartelen, Frank Buelens, Inge Busschaert, Eddy Buysen, Simonne Dandois, Mieke De Block, Souliman De Croock, Veronique De Keersmaecker, Maria De Laet, Guido Faelens, Anne Guffens, Michel Jonckers, Saloua Laaraj, Roeland Luyckx, Juan Maldonado, Boudewijn Matthé, Dietger Ongenaert, Leentje Schnieders, Gabriëlle Sterckx, Therese Trooskens, Francine Van Der Sanden, Daniël Van Haverbeke, Tom Vertongen, Fine Zimmerman

Directors: Mia Grijp and Inge Verhees; scenography: Ivo Vander Borght; technical and director's assistance: Mostafa Benkerroum; costume: Hilde Colaers

• première 2 December 2005, representations on 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 December, at Sering
• on March 10, 2006 in Cultural Centre Zolder
• on April 28, 29 en 30, 2006, at Sering
• On May 7, 2006 the play was performed at the second Madness and Arts Festival in Münster (D).
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