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Een verhaaltje voor het slapengaan (24-02-2007)

A Bedtime Story


The project started in March 2006. The proposal was to make, at the occasion of the 25 years of existence of the special youth care organisation De Touter vzw, a theatre play with some twenty kids from the home assistance groups and the day centres of De Touter, Tandem, Taimoen, Tracee...

De collaboration between the aid workers and the theatre makers evolved with ups and downs. The fact that in the group of kids some had to be taken along that weren't all that interested in the project, was a weight on the positive development of the kids with talent and who were interested in the project. Different schemes were tried out to implicate all those involved, kids but also aid workers, in a useful, interesting and positive way in the activities.

The project entered its final stages in January and February 2007, with the group working in the perspective of the final performance. Despair at times raised its head, but finally two representations were played at Sering on February 24th, that were described by De Touter as charming, low profile, and adapted to those involved in the project.
For Sering, Mia Grijp, Rebecca Huys, Mostafa Benkerroum, Lisette Mertens and Caroline Rottier contributed to this project.

• at Sering, February 24th, 2007.

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