International meetings In March 2012, World Carrousel invited the partners to meet in Villa El Salvador, in Peru. Artistic Directors Ana Sophia and Arturo M. hosted Artistic Directors Jorge B. Merced from Pregones Theatre from the Bronx, Bruce Naokwegijig and Joahnna Berti from Debajehmujig and Mia Grijp from Sering in Belgium. We spent a week together meeting and discussing the projects we were all collaborating in (Icons and Symbols, Three Is Enough- Teen Identity and Indigenous Creation Stories from around the world) and those we hope to accomplish in the coming seasons. The week was completed by a presentation and press conference with the Minister of Culture to explain the creative and technical accomplishments of World Carrousel. All partners from South Africa, the USA, Canada and Belgium were present online in the “virtual office” to demonstrate the process of collaboration among the participating organizations.


In October 2011, we had an international World Carrousel meeting in Borgerhout, where we worked around several subjects. Workshops were given by the South partners to students of participating primary and secondary schools (’t Plantijntje, Villa Stuivenberg, Spectrum, and Marco Polo) concerning differences in culture and lifestyle between the North and the South. Furthermore, the partners received a solid training in the practice of the virtual office and of the open tok system (conference room).

In December 2010 Pregones and Sering traveled to Tembisa in South Africa where they, together with TSWEPA, gave workshops to local children and youth.

The World Carrousel partners met at Sering from 4 till 12 May 2009.
  • The core group with Sering, Pregones, Tswepa and AyE have elaborated plans for the coming years. A fifth organisation was invited to join this core group, and with it a new continent. The Red Zone Company from Baghdad makes open and critical theatre in very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, representatives from Red Zone couldn't get a visa, but we will involve Red Zone in our future plans.
  • In a second time, we discussed our plans with other groups from the network of World Carrousel. We invited representatives from social-artistic theatres from Norway, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

groepsfoto internationale meeting mei 09Participants in the International meeting at Sering in May 2009

standing: Manfred Kerklau (Sycorax, Münster, D), Anna Grusková (Slovakia), Barbara Kastner (Ballhaus Naunyn, Berlin, D), Eduard Myska (Den Rode Gren, Oslo, N), Martin Učik (Bohnice, Prague, Czech Rep.), Julio César Gonzales Oviedo (AyE, Peru), Guy Voets (Sering), Jorge B. Merced (Pregones, Bronx, NY), Eugène van Erven (Vrede van Utrecht, NL), Rania Gaaloul (Sering), Mia Grijp (Sering), Azal Yahiya Adress (Sering), Lisette Mertens (Sering), Rebecca Huys (Sering), Peter van den Hurk (Rotterdams Wijktheater, NL)

sitting: Paula Artkamp (Sycorax, D), Mokhallad Rasem Hussein (Sering, representing Red Zone Company from Baghdad, Irak), Arturo Mejia Zuñiga (with Sebastian, AyE, Peru), Oupa China Malatjie (Tswepa, Tembisa, South Africa), Ana Sofia Pinedo Toguchi (AyE, Peru), Arnaldo J. López (Pregones, NY), Tania Poppe (Sering).

At the end of August 2007, Sering organised a multimedia training in TRIX Borgerhout (B). Guided by Pascal Poissonnier, collaborators of Tswepa, Divadlo z Pasáže and Sering learned to work with video cameras, editing programs and internet. In October 2007, a 'speed course' was arranged for collaborators of Arena y Esteras who couldn't take part in August.