Worldwide Virtual School

03/12/2008 16:34

Global Internet
'Three Continents Begin to Work Together'

Themes that are alive all over the world will be exchanged through the internet between groups in the countries involved in the project.
Sering is already working together with the core group that consists of Tswepa (photo) from South Africa, Pregones from New York and Arena y Esteras from Peru.

Stage artists from 3, and soon 4, continents work at the development of a worldwide virtual school. This school will link together vulnerable social groups through the internet and make them co-operate. It is a large scale project that makes use of the power of the internet in a profound and sustained way. Pépé's eiland was our first achievement, in February 2008.

Exchanging experiences, texts, work processes in an atmosphere of worldwide solidarity ensures that participants from the different countries meet each other with respect, that they can develop their talents and engage their creativity with the certainty of encountering an international response. Photos, videos, teaching bundles, workshop outlines etc. that are the result of these exchanges, are published on the internet and grow in number and variation, to become an virtual school, that is useful for a growing number of participants.

Do you want to help us build the worldwide virtual school of tomorrow with your youngsters? Do you want to help morally or financially? Send us an email at with the subject 'friends of the virtual school'.