Partners in Word Carrousel Pépé's eiland was made with members of the core group of World Carrousel, in which Sering co-operates to build a creative network that builds bridges between North and South. We got to know these like-minded groups at international festivals such as the Internationaal Wijktheaterfestival in Rotterdam (International Community Theatre Festival,  in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2008), Madness and Arts Festival (second edition, organised by Sycorax in Münster, Germany, 2006), Arte Terapia Festival (in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, 2007).

AyE kidsOur international partners are:

Arena y Esteras
Arena y Esteras (photo) is active in Villa El Salvador, a big squatters' town outside Lima (Peru). They aim at human development through different art forms such as dance, theatre, music, circus, etc... The themes that are developed are respect for human rights, inter-culturality and gender. The living area, the market place and the school are their stage.

Teatro Pregones
New York based artist of Puerto-Rican origin (Rosalba Rolon, Luis I. Meléndez and David Crommet) weave together theatre, music and dance in this theatre in the Bronx. They work along the oral traditions of the Latino community. They link their own history to indigenous mythological tales. Since 1981 Pregones also organises workshops for social and cultural organisations, universities and schools.

Tswelopele Performing Artists
The group was founded in Tembisa (Johannesburg, South Africa) in November 1994 by Oupa China Malatjie, who wants to bring people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds together in an atmosphere of equality through stage arts. Tswepa comprises a changing group of some twenty youngsters in the age between 13 and 28 years, often pupils and students from socially vulnerable surroundings. They attend dance and drama classes, learn poetry and story telling. Participants of Tswepa proceed to professional and semi-professional jobs in small and large arts organisations and the public service. (Initially, our partner in South Africa was The Youth Drama Society from Soweto. The theatre aimed to give youngsters a voice under the Apartheid regime, and also afterwards help them to get a grip on the social and political questions that determine their lives. (When Peter Ngwenya, founder of TYDS, got seriously ill in 2007, we turned to Oupa Malatjie and Tswepa for the creation of Pépé's Island. Peter died in May 2009.)

Debajehmujig Theatre Group
Debajehmujig is a professional art organisation dedicated to the vitalisation of the Anishinaabeg culture, language, and heritage. The company makes unique and authentic creations, through which they want to build a bridge between different cultures and generations. Non-literate societies are often viewed as illiterate or uncivilized societies. There is in fact a misconception about the oral traditions. Even though they are not written, they change depending on the context they are told in, and they serve as traditional lessons. Debaj wants to keep this tradition alive, in memory of their ancestors, as well as to create awareness of the importance of the earth for this generation and for the next. ‘De-ba-jeh-mu-jig’ can be translated as ‘Storytellers’ from the Cree and Ojibway language.

Red Zone Company
Red Zone Company is a group of young theatre actors in Iraq, a country torn apart by war and violence. They want to make untamed theatre without compromises, starting from the everyday pain in the streets of Bagdad and in full artistic liberty. Their performances have free entry for all that wish to come and see them.

The core group of World Carrousel held a meeting in Belgium in May 2009 that planned the next steps in the development of World Carrousel. Groups that have shown interest in joining the project were also invited. Community theatres and other social-artistic initiatives interested in taking part are encouraged to contact us.