Projects of World Carrousel • Since Pépé's Island, the first production that was made in co-operation with Arena y Esteras and the Tswelopele Performing Artists, we have been busy at Sering with two other initiatives within the framework of World Carrousel:

  • Dream Travellers: a production at Sering based on real events in Peru, that were used by Arena y Esteras to create A la vera del camino. We had to interrupt the series of performances of Dream Travellers in November 2008 due to the illness of an actress. Since then, we have worked on the script and rehearsals were held. The first night was on April 24th, 2009, and the series till May 17th was a success!
  • The Brides: a production that was prepared alternately in Borgerhout, the Bronx, and Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). The production had its first night on December 4th, 2008, at Pregones Theatre in New York. The Brides will be presented at Sering at a later date.

• At the international meeting at Sering in May 2009, three projects were decided for the pilot year 2010, to which the core partners all will contribute: Maskitlane, Drie is genoeg en Eerste liefde.
  • Maskitlane starts from a game children in South Africa play with stones
  • Drie is genoeg continues to build on the production with that name by Sering
  • Eerste liefde looks for reminiscences of elderly people about their first love
We built a Virtual Office for World Carrousel that allows for exchanges through internet.